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On-Demand Food Delivery Solution

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About the Client

The client is a food business entrepreneur interested in managing a food business that is in operation around Shippensburg and thinking to open their shops in another part of United States. The client comes to us with a different set of problems including the delivery problem in Sydney itself. After discussing for more than 3 days we finally come to the solution as Application (Android and iOS), SMS Marketing, Email Marketing which would also help in Marketing as well as Brand development for their business.
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Client Needs

Clients have already more than 20+ shops around the United States and the need was simple to tackle all management and marketing from one system. The client was very confident that he would grow the business with the help of a mobile application. From a technical and business perspective, his needs were clear – he needed the best solution for his business. Considering the growth and expansion of the business, he sought both mobile and web solutions for his food delivery business. For a marketing point of view, they suggested us Social Media Marketing along with some other options.
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We faced the following challenges during development. The client was using some POS before they came to us so our work was to also connect their previous POS system for billing and product upload action, the API setup was tough as compared to others. The client needs to get solutions that would be different from others, Marketing needs to be done in a unique way so that the marketing becomes their USP from different.
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Before we start working, we have provided a demo of our ready-made Enrestro solution for the Client which is a food delivery app. Considering our ready-made solution, the client was delighted to ask us about their work to improve the food delivery chain.
We mentioned in the challenge section that our engineers face difficulties in responding to the API. The problem was solved by our backend development team by adding additional fields that support the site.

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