What is the Cost for Opening a Restaurant in 2022 ?

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Opening a restaurant is your dream, but is it something you can afford? Do not despair if you are shocked. As with any major investment, many people need financial assistance in the form of bank loans in order to cover startup costs. We will help you eliminate individual expenses to start a restaurant to create a reasonable budget and get the support you need. Due to the large number of variations involved in different types of restaurants, the cost of opening a restaurant will depend on a number of factors. How big will your restaurant be and what kind of food will it serve you?

Entrepreneurs who want to open a restaurant will have to decide whether or not to start their own business from scratch, buy an existing business, or invest their money in a franchise.

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1. Restaurant Site

There are several considerations to consider when setting a budget for your ideal restaurant site. From location to store size, many factors affect the cost of your restaurant site.

When choosing a site, have a few options and weigh the benefits of each site versus the price you pay. You would not want to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars just shopping in a nearby store.

Keep in mind your target market and restaurant idea to choose the right location. Finding your own restaurant will be one of your biggest expenses. If you plan to buy the property directly, you will need a down payment of 10% of the property value to protect the loan. The cost of housing for sale varies greatly from place to place but when it comes to restaurants, good location is important. If you choose a poor location because of the low cost, your business may end up suffering over time.

Down Payment or as a security:  $15,000-$40,000

Alternatives to save this high cost :

  • Consider buying a food truck instead of buying a property.
  • Try renting a place in the dining hall to check out your restaurant idea. The cost of renting a booth will be much lower than renting a whole place.
  • Choose to rent a place of sale instead of buying and you will be responsible for a mortgage deposit and the first month’s rent.

2. Renovation, Equipment & Decor

When you start a restaurant from scratch, you will need basic kitchen appliances and furniture such as tables and chairs. The amount of kitchen equipment you need will depend on your store size and power.

Your menu will also determine the type of kitchen equipment and tableware you will need to purchase. Costs in this area will also include intangibles such as licenses and computer software. With the rise of online food orders, you may also consider providing food delivery services. If so, you should consider checking the eight things you need to look for in an online ordering system and its accessibility.

When designing the interior of your restaurant, keep it in line with restaurant ownership and concept. Be careful not to overdo it and overuse it in decoration; sometimes a little goes a long way.

Construction Cost for Renovation : $130,000-$300,000

3. Kitchen Equipment

Foodservice goods will be your next big expense. Not only do you need cooking utensils such as range, flat grills, and charboilers, you also need refrigerator units to keep your food and laundry clean to keep your dinnerware clean. If your restaurant has a bar, you will need to invest in a tap system, liquor displays, and an underground bar organization. Don’t forget all the pots, pans, and utensils needed to make your menu items.

Equipment Cost: $50,000-$115,000

4. Online Ordering i.e. Website and Application (iOS and Android)

One of the keys to selling food online is to build a quality website and Application Depending on the resources available, this can be achieved in a number of ways. Some business owners have the option of hiring a professional to design their website. In some cases, businesses use web design services such as WordPress If you choose to use the service, be careful to choose the one that is affordable and easy to understand. As you create your website, make sure you choose a theme that reflects what you are doing.

At Enrestro we provide Websites and Applications for restaurants at one of the most affordable prices of less than $79 per month. 

When it comes to choosing a domain name, remember to choose the one that best suits your business. Considering the scope of the Internet, there will be several businesses around the world with the same name, if not the same. For this reason, choose one that will stand out as different from you. Doing so helps to differentiate your business from others and makes it easier for customers to identify you.

Cost for Setup : $79 per month 

5. Furniture and Tableware

Your budget for furniture and tableware is directly linked to your restaurant concept. If you are planning to open a luxury restaurant with a sophisticated menu, you will probably want to plant high-end furniture and beautiful china dinnerware. On the other hand, if you have a simple menu and common sense, your furniture and tableware will probably save you a lot. In any case, you will need enough dinnerware, glassware, and flatware to provide all your guests with your busy schedule.

Cost of Furniture and Tableware: $ 20,000- $ 50,000

6. Initial Food Inventory

Your initial cost of food will be greater than the daily or weekly filling because you will need to include non-perishable items. Condiments, spices, oils, and coffee are just a few of the things you will need to build your basic list. These ingredients will last a long time before they are replaced, especially if you buy in bulk. To come up with an original estimate of food costs, first, analyze your menu and then set a price for each ingredient.

Cost of Food and Drink: $ 5,000- $ 25,000

7. Hire your Employees

As you begin hiring your staff, keep in mind that paid training is a practice for new employees. Salaries and wages will start working in the months and weeks leading up to your opening day. Depending on the needs of your employees, these costs will vary greatly.

Employee salaries are just one expense that comes with employment assistance. The shop may need to budget for personal computer insurance, paid vacation time, and health insurance contributions for full-time employees.

Salaries and Wages Cost: Varies restaurant to restaurant

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8. Create your Marketing Plan

A good store location will help generate pedestrian traffic, but many stores rely on advertising to help reach potential customers. Marketing strategies may include the presence of a social media platform, printed advertising, and online advertising. Local food and ice cream competitions and festivals also provide a way for ice cream shops to connect with potential customers. Marketing costs will depend on the type of services provided, but shop owners who can do at least some of their marketing activities can help keep costs down. But following are some of the best techniques which can help your marketing to grow next level :

Social Media Marketing: In today’s world, social media is an essential tool for any business. Used properly, it can help improve your brand, engage with customers, and build your brand awareness. Consider taking advantage of social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tik Tok to market your business.

Get Featured : To create awareness of your products, consider promoting promotions and making general announcements about them. Informing customers of new products that you plan to release can create excitement. Additionally, you can consider creating promo codes to help drive sales.

Email Marketing: After collecting emails during your signup at your place like Website and Application you can easily give them some great offers which can result in repeated ordering on your restaurant.

Focus on your USP: A key way to highlight your business potential is to embrace the qualities that make it unique. In an online marketplace full of options, you need to find ways to stand out and be competitive. Long-term monitoring of your business and what sets it apart from others is an important way to understand your customers and improve their marketing strategies.

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Marketing Tips

  • Make your eye-catching logo stand out. Put it on your truck, flyers, and online.
  • Create a colorful menu board. You will want to make sure that your menu is readable, appealing, and clearly shows your food.
  • Create a website that includes your common places, photos, and the “About Our Company” section.
  • Create social media accounts where customers can be notified about events, see photos, and engage with your business.
  • Find different places for your food truck. Initially, you will want to explore different areas to find out where your business fits. Once you have determined the best places, visit them regularly to get the recognition of your customers’ names and backgrounds.
  • Just for public events like cooked parties and local food truck festivals. These events will make customers familiar with your business.
  • Sell ​​the product with your logo or slogan on it. You can donate T-shirts, travel cups, and stickers for customers to purchase from your truck or online.
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