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Publish on the web

We make sure with the web publishing feature, enable interaction between your teams and advanced email marketing software.

Comparison reports

We also provides you the feature to compare the performance of a recent email campaign against previous emails with the acceptance of email marketing software.

Unlimited Automation

We make sure to find the best email marketing solutions to save your team time with automated responses and automated email series.

Easily Scheduling

We make sure to repeat scheduling of your campaigns multiple times - by date or by date wise with bulk email solutions.

A / B testing

We make sure that with our email marketing solutions suite, you can do a complete A / B test without any hidden charges and performance.

Domain Reports

We make sure to use domain reports so that you have a better understanding of the default automatic email campaign performance.

Social media ads

We make sure to redefine your contact list or reach new audiences through Facebook ads with the best business email marketing tools.

Device / Browser Statistics

We make sure with the best email automation get access to device/browser audience statistics for campaigns.

Multiple Lists

We make sure with the best email marketing solutions get detailed reports for each listing with data on opening, clicking, bouncing etc.

Using APIs

We make sure to use list management system, create campaigns, and various social features via an API with email marketing software which are available in market.

Registration Forms

We make sure to allow the best email marketing software to grow your email list with custom forms that you can integrate into a website.


We make sure to distribute affiliate brand identity through email campaigns you send through email marketing services.

Benefits of Restaurant Email Marketing:-

Many people think that email marketing is for big tech companies and SaaS only.

For local businesses such as restaurants or restaurants, they rely on conventional advertising methods, such as handing out flyers or displaying visible signs throughout the community.

But email marketing can help any type of business grow - as long as you follow the best email marketing practices in your niche If you do not use restaurant email marketing it means you are leaving money on the table (dinner). If you are a restaurant with an email program and use email software that does not meet your specific needs, you will miss out on a great lesson and fight for rejection. All activated emails are based on the behavior, profile, and preferences of your subscribers. This means that they can be sorted out in time. Activated emails should be part of each stage of the customer’s life cycle. With smaller accounts, you can control who has access, while empowering your team and franchises to create great email content. Unleash the ability to travel fast and submit restaurant newsletters designed by people with a deep understanding of a particular market in which they operate.

Why it is important to use Email Marketing for my Restaurant?

Email is an easy-to-use, inexpensive and reliable marketing channel when it comes to maintaining communication between your product and customers. It allows you to stay in touch with your current customers and show them that you value their loyalty to the business, as well as gaining new customers through attractive promotions. Although much attention is given to Facebook, Instagram, and social media marketing when it comes to hospitality, live access to these social media platforms depends on algorithms, while paid access depends on how much you are willing to spend.

But when it comes to email marketing, you can ensure that you reach the right audience with a fraction of the cost of paid advertising because you have created an email list of people who have given you permission to contact and like to hear from you.

Research has shown that email brings better results than any other channel. In fact, compared to Facebook or Twitter, email is 40 times more effective at attracting new customers. In addition, email marketing produces a very high ROI, and $ 38 is earned for every dollar spent.

There are always slower restaurants and bars they deal with depending on the season, the weather, food styles and many other factors. To combat this embarrassment, businesses will often launch special deals, promotions, and restaurant marketing campaigns to increase foot traffic and sales.

Safety and security of EMails-Enrestro
Data security and safety
We love to ensure data security without a doubt. Ensuring security with our automated solutions that include email marketing tools. Send emails without fear of data leaks with flexible email marketing tools. An SSL encryption certificate protects your information against multiple attacks. By using advanced industry data protection and security systems, you will no longer need to think about potential threats.
Safety and security of EMails-Enrestro
Email Marketing analytics- Enrestro
User reviews and reports
Our reports and analysis help managers keep track of their campaign. Get statistics about devices and mail opening times. Rate the email and topic success in getting clicks and directing better. With advanced marketing software get details at the right time to target and get the most out of the campaign. Bind data from all your campaigns and use the data to target the right audience.
personalized emails- Enrestro
Personal emails on the scale
We at Enrestro choose email templates to convey the message skillfully based on campaign objectives. It's easy to create from a simple, easy-to-use and descriptive email service. Use and rearrange the templates you have chosen to personalize your emails with email marketing software tools and engage your audience with highly customized emails to really make your messages more attractive and keep your users busy.
personalized emails- Enrestro

Powerful and Easy to use

Our Email message marketing software is cutting edge. It's rich with features, easy to use and works wonderfully on all your devices.

No hidden fees

Our Email marketing service has no contracts or hidden fees. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time. No strings attached!

Customer service

Let us show you what an outstanding customer service really is. That's what we're built upon. Contact our team for anything you need!

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Most frequent questions

What are the special features of your Android and iOS Application ?

We provide applications which are easy to use, clear UI/UX design, high speed, Flexible, highly secured to international standards, searchable, Push notifications, etc.

Apart from that if you want other features for your application, we also provide those features which are requested.

What are the features of your Websites for our Restaurant ?

We provide websites which resembles to your work (some special USP about your work).Our websites are: 

  • Well Designed and Functional.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Optimized for Mobile.
  • New and Quality Content. 
  • Readily accessible contact and location.

Apart from these we have fully transformed the way of representing your PDF Menus to newly responsive menus which makes your website more appealing.

How long does it take for a Android Application and Website for our restaurant ?

It depends on the projects that we have at that time but typically it would take 1-2 week. 

Note:- Sometimes it can take more days than but we would provide you a deadline for completion.

Would you provide SEO services for our restaurant websites ?

Yes, absolutely we also provide SEO services for your restaurant. Basically it depends on the type of plan you are selecting for your business but basic SEO comes with each plan you are selecting. We optimize your website to a next level through our Search Engine Optimization process on some special Keywords that can be your specific location or some special items at your restaurant.

Would you manage our Websites and Application on behalf of ours ?

Yes we can manage your websites but only when you would be unable to do that, But during delivery of Website and Applications we give basic information about managing your websites and Application still if you can't figure out then for sure we are there for you.

What is process of paying your service charges ?

When we would close the deal after that you have to pay 25% of total amount to get started after when we would show your project for the first time then you have to pay 50% of total amount with having some corrections in Application and Website and rest of the amount when you would get full satisfaction.

What are the Social Media Marketing and how it will help my restaurant ?

Social media marketing is the use of social media to connect with your audience to build your product, increase sales, and drive website traffic. This involves publishing good content on your social media profiles, listening to and engaging your followers, analyzing your results, and using social media ads.

It can help you in getting more and more customers, developing brand value of your restaurant, more online orders and many more. 

After the completion of the project we would love to share the source code as Enrestro try to maintain full transparency in Development process. If somehow any problem arises we are there for you.