How digital ordering can work for your restaurant ?

With staff shortages on the floor, it is even more important than ever that restaurants have made the performance more efficient so that things can go smoothly with a small group. That’s why digital order has become a new trend. It’s an easy way to increase efficiency while giving people what they want.

After all, 61% of diners say they want to pay without touch, order, and menus by 2022 in a recent OpenTable survey. A square report found that three-quarters of the restaurants plan to offer off-order ordering and payment options across all channels.

However choosing the right solution that enhances complex performance and can easily integrate out of the box is a painful process. The good news is that you can now offer digital orders with OpenTable — check out a few things I can do for you.

Empower your employees to do more

Digital ordering is an easy way to allow each server in your team to do more in less time. Providing them with a tool to serve many guests without compromising on a high level of hospitality and personal service can greatly enhance morale. Everyone loves the feeling of good work and satisfied guests.

The shortage of staff has left many restaurants unable to provide their normal capacity despite the high demand. As a result, servers and dinners often spend more time waiting than they should. Visitors can find themselves waiting for 90 minutes to find a table, according to NBC News, and then wait for the server to take their order, while the servers may end up waiting for the table to go out after processing their check. Digital ordering helps reduce this waiting time by allowing people to order purchased food and delivery early, which helps reduce turnaround times while the restaurant serves more people altogether.

Digital ordering takes a lot of unwelcome delays, weird without number. It frees servers to run fast food on multiple tables and to communicate with guests by answering questions, completing requests, and recommending additional menu items they can enjoy, such as after-dinner drinks and desserts.

Digital ordering is almost like having more capable hands in the dining room. Also, when consumers are able to place their orders directly using their phones, the risk of losing items in translation is greatly reduced. It reduces order errors, which reduces the cost of expensive food and makes consumers happier

Increase your kitchen and space capacity

If efficiency is important, it makes sense to offer a variety of menus, especially if you have a lot of restaurants. For digital order, you can share bar tables in the bar menu and balcony tables on the external menu. You may feel compelled to use a single playbook or to bring a sense of equal food. Locations and attributes of these different locations may mean that different menu items work best. This helps to effectively manage food preparation and makes resources faster, faster turnaround times. You can also adjust the available menus based on your real-time employee resources.

It is also possible to provide limited menus (such as a drink menu) in areas not suitable for normal seating. For example, you can’t set up tables in your entry point or in areas that are too far away from the action to make taking food orders happen on the server. At these places, guests can order drinks, appetizers, travel items, and whatever you decide is sensible. This allows the restaurant to increase revenue while extracting heat from the servers. All in all, digital order allows you to rethink your space and make it work better for you at different times in order to prepare for restaurant activities and avoid the cost of closing capacity.

Digital ordering is not limited to local dinners. It helps you bring your restaurant to people even if they want to enjoy your meal at home or in the office. It makes capture and delivery more visible because these options appear right there in your Enrestro profile. Visitors see everything you can offer just by looking.

The sense of order in itself is another way eaters interact with the product of your restaurant. You can customize the ordering site with the icon of your restaurant, complemented by all the images, fonts, colors, and names associated with your product. That’s a big improvement in what happens when dinner uses one of the most popular services right now when the app icon is advanced and central and your product is subtly placed under it.

Know more about your guests than ever before

Having details of your guests’ favorites in your guest book can reveal details on how to entertain them and bring them back many times. Little things (like knowing that someone likes white or red wine) can mean a lot to people, which is how this type of data builds trust.

Without digital order, an indoor visitor can remain anonymous and anything you learn about it during its visit will not be able to photograph successfully. But when dinner uses digital order, it automatically creates a new guest profile or pastes it into its existing profile. When a visitor arrives and is included in a program such as “John Blue Jacket,” digital order, which lets guests enter their phone number or email address, ensures they will be connected to “John Smith,” who already has a guest profile. .

All guest notes can be collected, edited, and used in the future to give a personal sense of hospitality. For example, if VIP and repeat guests use to order online, frontline staff may update their order in the past. This improves the visitor’s self-awareness because the servers can make better recommendations or know exactly what more the kitchen can send for fun. At the same time, it helps managers to better understand guest use and order.

This information can help you stay in touch with visitors after their visit. You can use the information you receive from digital orders to send personalized marketing emails. For example, if you read that a guest loves handmade beer, you can reach out and tell us about a upcoming beer dinner or an unusual bag release. If you can record these personal details, it is easy to send them emails that match their interests and keep them coming back.

Review powerful details

When you order orders by order online, it provides important data that can help restaurants understand trends as they emerge and identify areas that need to be improved before problems arise.

Obviously, this information helps to provide the best possible service even in the best of working conditions, but it also benefits an important point. An in-depth look at digital order data provides a deeper understanding of what people want. Over time, you can use this information to confidently discard items that are not working properly on the menu. You can also dive deeper into the most popular dishes by following details such as how often they are ordered according to the type of tour. These findings can help you prepare a menu to maximize visitor happiness and profit while minimizing food waste. You can also use this intel to shape your marketing strategy.

Besides, giving eaters a way to order their food on their phones seems a bit daunting. But between freeing up servers to do more and giving visitors more of what they want, the benefits can be huge.