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Website Development for Restaurants

Website Features
We Like To Find Simple Solutions To Complex Challenges

Easy to Use

User Experience (UX) plays an important role in helping visitors to use, understand and stay on your website. Create clear, logical navigation in clear sequence.

Readily accessible contact

Your audience will not dismiss you. Make it easy to get involved, provide multiple contact points: phone, email, social media and easy-to-use contact form.

Optimized for Mobile

Mobile optimization will enhance your visitors' experience and your SEO standards.Today there are no excuses, your site should look good and work well in any field.

calls to action

Even information websites require visitors to read and share articles, follow the company on social media, download tools, join address lists or learn more about the organization.

Quality Content

Blogs and social media updates are great ways to add new content, keep visitors coming back and help SEO strategy. Yes, keeping things fresh requires minimal investment.

Designed and Functional

Your site reflects your company, your products, your services and your product at the end. It is therefore important to look attractive, polished and professional.

Benefits of Creating a Restaurant Website :-

If you work in a restaurant, there are many things that will attract people to your business. Whether you encourage current customers to tell others about your establishment, or you are trying to recognize returning customers and appeal to their interests, both of these strategies work very well. With the latest in particular, it makes the customer feel welcome when the employee sees it for the first time.

However, Restaurant websites are the best way to attract customers to your business, both directly and indirectly. We can still say that it is a great way to make your center stand out. That being said, if you do not have your company's website, you will need to design it. It can be a daunting task, but it is worth it if you follow some basic principles. Visitors will view your social media accounts and website to stay informed of your restaurant.

Features of Website Development for Restaurant
Social Media Integration
In order to build your restaurant brand we ensure that your social media profiles look good and are found by people looking for a restaurant just like you. Social media interaction is essential to stay high in the minds of your visitors!Social media presence does not necessarily translate into engagement, which is why integrating social media within websites is so important. However, brands need to accomplish this seamlessly and without compromising on the User Experience (UX).
Location-Based Website
We use the GPS location feature and receive instant notifications, beacons about real-time discounts and nearby discounts. Our state-of-the-art application engineers build these location-based applications to be more secure by managing Geo fencing and the Geo tracking center. We make use of the latest technology features and functionalities to custom built Android Apps
Mobile Payments
We make sure you to provide service which can help you to easily transfer funds for close communication on Mobile Wallet using different features of android apps like Google Pay and other fintech service provider. Enrestro creates an Integrated Payment consolidation that allows the wallet transfer process to be authorized for users and repeats the process over and over again.
Safety and security of EMails-Enrestro
Secured Solutions
We love to ensure data security without a doubt. The role of Financial Technology is so great that it requires secure communication and successful payment gateway. We implement FinTech's powerful solutions using some of our experienced architects and software developers. An SSL encryption certificate protects your information against multiple attacks. By using advanced industry data protection and security systems, you will no longer need to think about potential threats.
Safety and security of EMails-Enrestro
Order online
No need for online high-cost online ordering services, where you can have your zero-commissions online order right on your website and mobile app. Our website design website easily integrates. An additional order service is required. Find online orders straight to the kitchen with POS integration, manage online orders, receive tablet notifications and accept credit card payments from customers.

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Most frequent questions

What are the special features of your Android and iOS Application ?

We provide applications which are easy to use, clear UI/UX design, high speed, Flexible, highly secured to international standards, searchable, Push notifications, etc.

Apart from that if you want other features for your application, we also provide those features which are requested.

What are the features of your Websites for our Restaurant ?

We provide websites which resembles to your work (some special USP about your work).Our websites are: 

  • Well Designed and Functional.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Optimized for Mobile.
  • New and Quality Content. 
  • Readily accessible contact and location.

Apart from these we have fully transformed the way of representing your PDF Menus to newly responsive menus which makes your website more appealing.

How long does it take for a Android Application and Website for our restaurant ?

It depends on the projects that we have at that time but typically it would take 1-2 week. 

Note:- Sometimes it can take more days than but we would provide you a deadline for completion.

Would you provide SEO services for our restaurant websites ?

Yes, absolutely we also provide SEO services for your restaurant. Basically it depends on the type of plan you are selecting for your business but basic SEO comes with each plan you are selecting. We optimize your website to a next level through our Search Engine Optimization process on some special Keywords that can be your specific location or some special items at your restaurant.

Would you manage our Websites and Application on behalf of ours ?

Yes we can manage your websites but only when you would be unable to do that, But during delivery of Website and Applications we give basic information about managing your websites and Application still if you can't figure out then for sure we are there for you.

What is process of paying your service charges ?

When we would close the deal after that you have to pay 25% of total amount to get started after when we would show your project for the first time then you have to pay 50% of total amount with having some corrections in Application and Website and rest of the amount when you would get full satisfaction.

What are the Social Media Marketing and how it will help my restaurant ?

Social media marketing is the use of social media to connect with your audience to build your product, increase sales, and drive website traffic. This involves publishing good content on your social media profiles, listening to and engaging your followers, analyzing your results, and using social media ads.

It can help you in getting more and more customers, developing brand value of your restaurant, more online orders and many more. 

After the completion of the project we would love to share the source code as Enrestro try to maintain full transparency in Development process. If somehow any problem arises we are there for you.